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6 Shuttles Circular Loom.png

6 Shuttles Circular Loom


  • Available working width 350~850 mm which is ideal for standard woven sack size.

  • The cloth width can be determined simply by changing the gauge ring and adjusting the round holder & cloth spreading system.

  • Warp In-Feed System includes Load Cell and Motor regulates the warp tension on inlet roller to maintain uniform tension.

  • Weft Breaking Detection Sensor monitors the continuous weft tape supply.

  • The machine is designed with warp tension regulation system to allow even warp insertion.

  • The mass of the moving parts has been reduced to a minimum to ensure high output capacity as well as long working life and reduced spare parts consumption.

  • Sensor detection device on machine can stop machine automatically for weft broken and no-weft fault. The result is the production of beautiful and even fabric.

  • Machine controller is applied for setting and adjusting of various machine parameter. Such as cumulative production, machine speed, shift selction-A,B,C & D, weft density, efficience, warp tension, roll length for changing of fabic roll…etc.

  • Consisting of Inch Button, Stop Button, Start Button, which are easily accessible to the operating personneal from every point around the machine.

  • The desired weft density can be programmed and fed in the machine controller, which controls ultimately speed of take-up rollers.

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