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PIONEER Industrial Machinery Magazine

PIONEER Hardware Magazine

PIONEER Woodworking Machinery Magazine

CHING HWA Advertisement Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.

There are currently three magazines printed under CHING HWA, namely: PIONEER Industrial Machinery Magazine, PIONEER Hardware Magazine, PIONEER Woodworking Machinery Magazine.

For the past years, CHING HWA has aimed at emerging markets spanning the globe, especially the markets in Africa, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East as well as Central and South Asia.

Each year, CHING HWA attends and showcases at more than 30 exhibitions around the world. In addition to distributing our magazines free of charge to potential clients at these trade fairs, we also welcome them to travel to Taiwan and visit the factories for themselves. In recent years, we have successfully worked with overseas trade fair organizers as co-organizers for some of these events. Furthermore, we invite out clients to join us at these exhibitions so that they can introduce, present and display their products in a more direct and efficient manner to foreigner customers.

In conjunction with attending various exhibitions year round, we advertise our clients’ products through internet marketing and monthly promotional mailing. Our goal is to promote the essence of Taiwan: Hard Work and Innovation, by practicing this ethos all around the globe. We aspire to have "Made in Taiwan" synonymous with "Quality Guaranteed".

PIONEER Industrial Machinery Magazine

PIONEER Woodworking

Machinery Magazine


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published in January, March...

PIONEER Hardware Magazine

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Published in February, April…

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