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CNC Router


  • This MCM-48 is a gantry type CNC ROUTER. Its succinct designed outlook and stable structure allow it to deliver outstanding machining results for solid wood carving and milling projects. This machine is also designed for compact functions and capable to operate board cutting, milling, and drilling for panel woods. It even allows for non-metal machining purposes.

  • The MCM-48 can carry out machining on X, Y, and Z axis. The X and Y axes are driven by rack and pinion and made by high rigidity structure. The maximum moving speed is up to 60-80 m/min. The maximum traverse on X axis is 1,600 mm and on Y axis is 2,600 mm. The Z axis is driven by ball-screw, moving speed up to 30 m/min and maximum traverse of 200 mm. The automatic lubricating system is equipped on its driving and rail system, allowing for a consistently stable movement and precise positioning.​

  • The working table size is 1280*2475 mm and equipped with 6 stoppers to allow for rapid positioning. To deliver an optimal machining process, JOWAY designed two vacuum pump suction areas on the working table where users can simply switch ON and OFF through the control panel. Also, the working table is designed in checkerboard pattern to provide quick processing flow and high flexibility to position the workpiece. Additionally, the rapid positioning chucks are also available as an optional device, which no longer requires any jig and helps save cost.

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