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High Speed Auto. Cutting & Sewing Machine


  • The unwinder is with pneumatic pedal device to lift the fabric roll easily without any mechanical tools.

  • The cloth feeding is driven by dancing roller to maintain uniform tension of the fabric.

  • Dual servo control for cloth feeding and bag clamping helps minimize the cutting length variation.

  • The clipper arm is mounted with silicone screw to avoid pricking the surface of bag.

  • EPC device to control the edge position for varying web width.

  • Union Special sewing head is available for customers’ request.

  • New designed over tape and easy open device gives the convenience of opening of the bag mouth.

  • With colorful operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI) offers English, Spain, Russia, Arabic, Chinese, French to access the machine operation easily.

  • The conveyor stacker helps collect bag evenly and auto. counting in every stack.

  • Inline Edge Rotating & Gusseting Device

  • Punching Device

  • Micro-Perforation Device

  • Double Stitching Device

  • Human-Machine Interface control

  • Easy open device

  • Punch / Double Stitching

  • Easy Open

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