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Outside Lamination Machine

Product ID : HY7/LH-90, LH-100, LH-120

  • Specially designed screw performs high mixing and high output extrusion with stable conveying conditions and excellent plasticization.

  • Extrusion lamination machine is designed barrel with groove line on surface and forced type concentrated cooling system, highly efficient cooling function, makes temperature control easier.

  • Adopts AC or DC drive for high transmission efficiency and energy saving. Internal deckle type T-die is used to reduce the occurrence of uneven thickness of the coated edge.

  • Steel cooling roller, surface hard chrome plated, internal design is double shell spiral baffle and single flow type. This offers uniform surface temperature transmission and better cooling efficiency.

  • Pressure roller is silicon rubber covered, and uses internal water cooling system. The hardness of the silicon rubber prevents laminated sheets from sticking to the roller.

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