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HXM 2000.png

Servo Injection Molding Machine

HXM 2000

High quality features      

  • Hydraulic injection molding machine "new breakthrough" to achieve the "pressure valve ring control" and "energy supply and demand match" to lead the injection molding machine in order to develop the trend!

  • Pressure valve ring control: the actual pressure and set the pressure for real-time comparison and correction, until the actual pressure and set the same pressure.

  • Energy supply and demand match: how much energy to do the injection molding machine, power system to provide much energy, very little energy loss.

Super energy  

  • Than variable pump system energy saving 40%. Than the quantitative pump + constant speed motor 60% energy saving (depending on the product can not save energy is also different)

  • High precision and high response    

  • High precision, high sensitivity of the pressure sensor and rotary encoder, to achieve the pressure, the flow of closed-loop control, repeat the progress of the error is less than 1%. Servo motor to achieve the maximum output power of only 0.05 seconds   

Low noise

  • Noise value of 78db or less, the machine is no action, the servo motor stall almost no noise    

Save cooling water   

  • No metering pump + constant speed motor system overflow heat. Hydraulic oil temperature is low, a significant reduction in the amount of cooling water

New mold structure

  • The finite element analysis of the casting element structure of the connecting rod and the template to effectively reduce the stress and deformation, to improve the mold part of the rigidity and accuracy

New dynamic composition

  • By servo motor, servo drive, pressure sensor, rotary encoder, gear pump and high precision injection molding machine injection dedicated controller, constitute a new power system, so that the best demand for injection molding machine energy

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