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NRH Series(Two Platen).png

Single Injection

NRH Series(Two Platen)

  • 20% ~ 30% less from machine length, compare with toggle design.

  • Less space required from a molding facility.

  • Less space required from a molding facility.

  • Fully automatic mold-close adjustment ready to reduce time required from mold change.

  • Paten #I279312, Intellectual Property Office, MOEA, Taiwan.

  • Available option for additional stroke from opening.

  • Spare the larger machine needs for bigger opening stroke.

  • Available option with Retractable Tie-bar function.

  • With additional mold lifting module to accommodate jumbo machines in regular facility height.

  • Extended Die service expectancy without deformation thanks to hydraulic cylinder clamping parallelism.

  • Shortened high-pressure clamping stroke thanks to ability of fast building clamping force.

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